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Melissa was my best friend. She was always here for me when i needed her love, support, encouragement and everything else that a soulmate does for one another.

She watched out for me when i wouldn't watch things for myself.  She was a wonderful friend and wife.
Obe if the ways Melissa left her mark on the world by being a mom.

She had a love for children that amazed me.  always caring for others kids like her own and not even thinking twice about it.

One morning she told me she was pregnet and she was so happy and glowed like only an expecting mother could do. Nine months later  Macayla Marie Kellhofer was born on March 24, 2004.

She left her mark on all the children that she watched during her time here. As a foster mom. She cared for our (now adopted) daughter Jessica as her own child.

This world will truely miss her loving heart.
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